e-metriks inc.


At E-Metriks we hold network security as one of our primary objectives. We monitor all of the following areas to ensure the best in network management


The operating systems by e-metriks are hardened versions of the open-source Linuxoperating system and fully updated versions of the Microsofts operating system.


The firewall is the frontline workhorse. With proper change management the firewall works to prevent unwanted traffic. At e-metriks we utilize high-performance stateful inspection firewall with portscan detection and anti-spoofing technology.


Light-weight network intrusion detection system with real-time traffic analysis and packet logging capabilities.


The security policy is the core of any security infrastructure. A security policy is created prior to the initial installation defining the controls to be applied to the Firewall/VPN system as well as the services to be protected. This policy is periodically reviewed and checked whenever a firewall rule modification request is received to ensure that the request is in compliance with the policy.


Security is a process. Firewalls and VPNs require constant attention to ensure that they are well-equipped to handle the latest in vulnerabilities and attacks. Our security team is dedicated to staying on top of the latest security vulnerabilities and are active participants in several established security groups. They will use their knowledge to ensure that your Firewall and VPN are always up-to-date so that what is meant to be private remains private.


A security system without a means to measure its effectiveness is a flawed system. Intrusion detection and log analysis are the two most overlooked aspects of the security process. Our security team provides real-time intrusion detection to log attacks and vulnerability-exploit attempts against your protected services and to notify the team as these intrusions are happening. Analyzing these attacks allows for tailoring the Firewall rules and Security Policy to better prevent future attacks.


Since no security solution is 100% bullet-proof, a security breach will sometimes occur. It is the action taken after a security breach that determines the competence of your security team. This is where the extensive experience of our security team shines through. In the event of a security breach, our team works on determining the entry point, method and severity of the attack.